American Institute of Architects
656 Summit Avenue
St. Paul, Minnesota

This Georgian Rectangular was built in 1892 for General C. C. Andrews (there's a state forest named after him on I-35 north near Hinckley) for $8000. C. H. Johnston was the architect. Clarence Howard Johnston, 1859-1936.

A few of Johnston's buildings, include Ancker Hospital (St. Paul, 1889), College of St. Theresa Chapel in Winona MN (1924-26), St. Paul YMCA (1906-7).

"It is ironic that we know so little about Clarence Johnston, for he was probably the most important single figure in the history of architecture in Minnesota... He built virtually the whole of the pre-World War II University of Minnesota campus, many state hospitals and prisons, as well as a great many commercial buildings and he designed thirty-five houses on Summit Avenue, thirty-five of the finest houses.

To use a simple analogy, we might describe the basic rectilinear house as an unfrosted caked (two layers or three)--the icing is the second part of the stylistic category. If the owner expresses a preference for Georgian, the house is finished with classical columns on the front porch, dentation at the eave line, and a palladian window on the stair landing."

-St Paul's Historic Summit Avenue, Ernest R. Sandeen

Rolf Lokensgard Architecture and Bob Swalve, TrueLine Builders, designed and renovated the kitchen, family rooms, and second floor master suite for a young family and the 21st century. The "Butler pantry", new kitchen connecting the family room, a new mudroom that works with a swing, master suite with bath, closets, study, and balcony overlooking the private backyard all are mindful of the space and organization of C.H. Johnston.

In memory and respect for Bob Swalve, Bob the Builder, TrueLine Builders, LTD


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