American Institute of Architects

Larson Engineering Inc
Corporate Headquarters
White Bear Lake, MN

Larson 2011 Rebulld and Renew
Larson Engineering is the kind of story that America is all about. From starting in a basement to designing the curtainwall structural systems for One World Trade Center, better known as the Freedom Tower in New York City. "Good design is good business" accommodated and encouraged growth, morale, a sense of place, and success for over 30 years that has served multitudes of Minnesota architects, firms, many other clients, creating nine offices across the nation.

Architecture Minnesota Coming Soon announced a new office in the May/June 1988 issue. Since then there have been five expansions by Rolf Lokensgard Architecture. One challenge has been to do it incrementally. Completed in December 2011, the most recent remodel involved a redesign of the front lobby, reception, and office functions, expansion of the kitchen/break room, with sustainable materials, new color palette, and carpets. All with the master plan in mind.

Reuse from an office/warehouse industrial park to an office classification, the design focus has always been openness, color, avenues to natural light, economic materials, and spacious workstations (custom built by Larson Engineering). One engineer has worked in the same workstation for over 20 years. Good design makes a difference!


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