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C.G. Hill & Sons, Inc. Addition and Remodeling
Designing, building and repairing of machinery and equipment
Mounds View, Minnesota

From the beginning CG Hill & Sons, Inc. has been passionate about designing, building and repairing machinery and equipment. The company was started in 1947 by Clayton G. Hill and evolved into an equipment manufacturer, designing and building the first patented bag-closing machine. Through three generations they have continued to grow into a state-of-the-art custom equipment manufacturer. From small repair parts to custom-designed equipment, C.G. Hill & Sons takes pride in delivering a quality product, on time and at a reasonable cost.

Rolf Lokensgard Architecture helped design an addition that will enhance this production history. The 16,128 sf masonry addition with perimeter, clerestory natural light will provide quality space, including a 4,200 sf Proprietary Assembly Department; 8,100 sf Main Assembly Department; an expanded Welding Department; office and conference room for visiting engineers; dual 3-ton crane system; and 9 different power sources to duplicate customers' power requirements.

For employees and customers, the addition will provide a quality image, exterior and interior, for designing, building and presenting custom-built machinery and production lines for any type of industry: filtration, medical, adhesives, packaging, computer components. The 'Kalwall clerestory' introduces diffused, glare-free, usable daylight; reduced lighting costs from controlled solar gain; high insulation for energy performance and HVAC payback; maintenance-free, pre-engineered structural integrity and lightweight construction, reducing erection cost and minimizing the load on the structure.

As grandson Timothy Hill notes, "A machine can be fabricated, welded, painted, assembled, wired, plumbed, programmed, start-up, and debugged in-house before being shipped to the customer."


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