American Institute of Architects
Schematic Design

This work consists of an inspection of the site and conferences with the client concerning the building program. The client's needs and requirements are carefully analyzed. Zoning regulations and codes affecting the work are studied. Sketches and statements of probable construction cost are prepared for the owner's approval.

Design Development

Upon approval of the Schematic Design the architect proceeds with the development of the plans and elevations of the building. Type of construction, mechanical systems, and materials are considered and recommendations discussed with the owner. Drawings establishing all major elements and outline specifications are prepared. A revised statement of probable construction cost is made. All of this material is then submitted for approval.

Working Drawings

Working drawings and specifications are finalized and all work is coordinated with mechanical layouts. Material and color schedules are prepared and assistance is given in drafting contract forms. Cost statements are reviewed and approval obtained from the owner and from controlling agencies.

Construction Contract Administration

The architect assists in qualifying bidders and obtaining proposals. He analyzes the proposals received, advises relative to the award of contracts, and assists in the preparation of such contracts. During the construction period, the architect reviews and approves shop drawings as may be required, and reviews contractors' requests for payment. He makes periodic visits to the site to determine if the work is proceeding in accordance with the contract documents, and keeps his client informed relative to the progress and quality of construction, issues contract change orders as required, makes final inspection, and when construction is determined to be satisfactorily completed, issues a certificate to that effect.

Architect's Handbook of Professional Practice
Volume I, Chapter 5

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