American Institute of Architects
Bogus Bluff Harbor
Lake Pepin, Wisconsin

Bogus Bluff Harbor is a new kind of "landing" on the Mississippi River... a chance to create a cohesive and prosperous living environment for today's living style on this magnificent site... a chance to "build a better place that better respects human needs and human limits." A place worth caring about, writing about, and that has meaning for its residents.
--Blueprint for sprawl no American Dream
--James Howard Kunstler in
Star Tribune Monday August 16, 1993

The approach to design is to create an interesting and economical center connected to business, housing, educational, religious, and recreational development by walking paths, roads, inland waterway, and river. Retreat facilities reach across the highway and up the ravine (with nearby Horse Thief Coulee) to Bogus Bluff above for hiking, skiing, and other year-round outdoor activities.

The inland waterway is developed from low-lying areas of the site and is made up of three zones:
     - A public Harbor/ marina opposite the town center
     - A Harbor /causeway fronting multi-family housing
     - An intimate "lagoon" surrounded by single family housing.

Bogus Bluff Harbor includes:
  1. The Center
  2. Golf Course
  3. Amphitheater and Harbor
  4. Multifamily Housing and Waterway
  5. Single Family Housing and Lagoon
  6. Public Launch and Historic Marker

It is the sincere intent that Bogus Bluff Harbor become a good neighbor to the area. It provides a place for residents to have good businesses, good places to live, and good recreational activities in which to participate. The intent is to create spin-off benefits to neighboring communities. Indeed, a cooperative network of enterprise is envisioned up and down the river.

  1. Harbor
  2. Wharf
  3. Retreat
  4. Parking
  5. Agate Beach

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