American Institute of Architects
Carnegie Library Additon and Remodeling
With Korngiebel Architecture
Register of Historic Places
Hutchinson, Minnesota

The Hutchinson Carnegie Library is one of 2,500 public library buildings underwritten by Andrew Carnegie between 1881 and 1917. This addition and remodeling provides a facililty of 10,000 sq. ft. and respects the character of the historical facades. It provides a comfortable environment for library functions. A glass curtain wall makes the library an integral part of Hutchinson's Public Square.

Best Expansion of an old Carnegie Library
David Inman, 1994

Lighting the way to knowledge
Hutchinson's library, with its new addtion, is a cozy, warm place to start any book adventure. The interior and exterior lights give the building a stately appearance on a crisp, winter evening, and make the structure the focal point of Library Square and the downtown area.
     --Hutchinson Leader


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