American Institute of Architects
213 4th Street
Register of Historic Places
St Paul, Minnesota

The roots of St. Paul's Lowertown Historic District lie deep in the earliest days of the city, when steamboats docked at the Lower Landing. As St. Paul grew, its financial and retail center became known as "Downtown", while the railroad and wholesale area of its beginnings came to be known as "Lowertown." From the beginning these two distinctly different sides of the city's character were complementary and synergistic, each contributing to the other's strength.

The much altered 213 East 4th Street was actually a complex of several buildings, some of which may date as early as 1884 and which were united by the brick facade which dates circa 1910. "In 1926 the storefronts of these individual buildngs were all removed, 4th Street widened by 20 feet for the entire length of the block, and the buildings refronted as they are at present".

Booming in the 1900s, fading after the turn of the century, renewed in the 70s, the Lowertown Historic District now depends on historic buildings like 213 East 4th Street to contribute to a public and private living and working, old and new urban village.

Rolf Lokensgard Architecture generated as-built drawings, code analysis, design, construction drawings, and construction administration to revitalize and renovate the Historic Building.


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